Ferenc Gyergyay, the Târgu Mureş/Marosvásárhely Professor of Pathology

Written by Gaal György

Professor Gyergyay died on the 7th August 2014. This is a commemoration. He descended on both of his mother’s and father’s side from families with medical traditions. His father was professor of oto-rhino-laringology at Cluj/Kolozsvár university. After graduating the Unitarian College from Kolozsvár in 1940, Gyergyay became medical student at the just reestablished Hungarian University of Kolozsvár. In 1945 he took his doctor’s degree first at Budapest, then at Kolozsvár. In December 1945 the Hungarian Medical Faculty had to move to Marosvásárhely, so Gyergyay as a member of the Pathological Department moved there too. He was an assistant to Professor Beöthy, then to Professor Haranghy. Beginning with 1953 Gyergyay became the head of the Department. In 1955 he obtained the title of “candidate” of medical sciences and in 1956 he was promoted assistant professor. Under his leadership the Pathological Department was well organized. Its members participated in research programs. They elaborated a number of university courses in Hungarian and Romanian language. Gyergyay was also the head of the Pathological Section of the Academy Research Center from Marosvásárhely. He was the author or editor of some scientific volumes, besides he wrote about 150 studies in Hungarian, Romanian, German, English, French and Russian languages. He participated at a lot of international congresses. In 1971 Gyergyay was promoted full professor, and in 1972 he got the highest scientific degree of “doctor docent”. He was the member of some international scientific societies. Professor Gyergyay in 1977 left Marosvásárhely, being settled in Germany, first at Cologne, then in Bergish Gladbach, where he had a private Pathological Institute. In 1995 he got retired.


Keywords: university, professor, pathology, scientific research, congress.

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