Results and complications in cataract surgery

Written by Madaras Zoltán, Horváth Karin, Albert András

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the results and complications of two techniques used in cataract surgery. Materials and methods: we have analized a two year period using the database of the TgMures Ophthalmology Hospital, concentratig on the cataract patients. We have compared the results of two techniques: extracapsular extraction vs. phacoemulsification. We have analized the intraoperatory complications as well as the early and late postoeprative complications at the two groups of patients. The results show that surgery using phacoemulsification is more secure, patient recovery is faster, although in the early postoperative period a transient corneal oedema may appear. Conclusions: results obtained by phacoemulsification together with a low number of postoperative complications have reassured us about the safety of this technique and have confirmed international trends in cataract surgery.

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