Endre Ady’s diseases and personality structure in the light of his poetic oeuvre

Written by Barták Balázs, Buda Botond

Ady’s poetry marked a turning point in Hungarian literature. Its thematic concerns and the poetic devices utilized by the poet point out a borderline in its broad sense. This – besides the unquestionable impact of the period – has an apparent connection with his personality. It was six decades ago that Professor Dezső Miskolczy handed over the case records concerning Ady’s medical status and history – put to paper at the Hungarian Royal Neurological Clinic –to the historical archives of the Academy in Cluj. Relying on this confidential documentation, which was unavailable for the public for 25 years, as well as on the articles written by Sándor Ferenczi, Gyula Nyírő, Endre Czeizel and other scholars, the authors attempt to find and unveil new connections between the poetgenius’s diseases, personality and art.

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