Repair of distal hypospadias

Written by Lőrincz Zsuzsánna, Mircia-Aurel ArdeleanKotró-Kosztándi Kinga, Bodó Erika

Introduction: The underdevelopment of the distal urethra results in an ectopic, ventral located urethral opening. Variable degree of ventral (lateral) curvature of the penis are present due to: corpora cavernosa anomalies and chordee. Also characteristic are: abnormal prepuce (excess dorsal and ventral hypoplastic), penis skin disorders, decreased size of the penis, scrotum anomalies. Objective: Near normal looking penis: glanular meatus and straight penis. Materials and Methods: During the year 2016, five patients with this patology (1 peno-scrotal, 1 glandular and 3 distal located meatus) have had surgical intervention in Dr. Fogolyán Kristóf Emergency Hospital, Saint George. These interventions have been carried out with the assistance of an experienced colleague from Salzburg. Results: Our patients recovered without complications, with one exception. In the case of the patient with the peno-scrotal meatus, the urinary catheter formed a knot in the bladder, which caused a lesion on the neourethra during removal. A fistula was formed which will be closed in surgically. Conclusion: Smaller centers can perform complicated urological surgery with the help of properly trained colleagues.


Keywords: hypospadias, congenital malformations, urology

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