The Jewish Hospital from Cluj/Kolozsvár

Written by Gaal György

In 1921 an Association of Jewish Hospital was founded at Cluj/Kolozsvár to collect funds. Only following the donation of a building site by Dávid Sebestyén there were conditions to open in 1928 an out-patients’ department. The hospital with 28 beds was opened in 1929 with sections of Surgery, Gynecology, Ophthalmology and Radiology. Its first manager was Prof. Pál Steiner, the famous surgeon. A new two floor building with 85 beds was opened in September 1931 where all the medical specialties were practiced. Nearly half of the patients were treated without expenses indifferent of religion. Following the Holocaust the hospital was reopened in 1946, but in 1948 it was nationalized. It became Block III of Clinics.


Keywords: hospital, sanatorium, out-patients’ department, Jews, doctors, Chevra Kadisha

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