Registered medicines in 1943. 2. Registered products of Transylvanian pharmacies and drug factories

Written by Gyéresi Árpád, Kata Mihály, Gyéresi Mária

The last century brought a huge progress in all fields of healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. In 73 years, a relatively short historical time, a radical transformation has been produced both in manufacturing and in the diversity of drugs, as well as in healthcare. Based on a contemporary drug catalog (1943), the present study also reflects this fact. In the studied period, besides the pharmaceutical laboratories, chemical and pharmaceutical factories (Napochemia, Hygiea, Vesta) some of the Transylvanian pharmacies also had their own registered medicines. Starting from the list of drugs being in use in the above mentioned period of time we can observe the transformations nowadays pharmacies have undergone.


Keywords: pharmaceutical forms, registration, manufacturers

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