Medicinal plants and their therapeutical indications by Pápai Páriz Ferenc in Pax Corporis volume

Written by Péter H. Mária

Among the manuscripts and printed works with medical and naturalistic themes from XVI-XVIII century the volume Pax Corporis written in Hungarian by Papai Pariz Ferenc (1649-1716), first appeared in 1690 in Kolozsvár (Cluj) has a special importance. Pápai Páriz Ferenc mentions the use of 300 healing herbs, mainly occurring in Transylvania. Some of the mentioned indications are correct after the present knowledge of the active substance and possession of a real pharmacological effects, while others are only in folk medicine, or not used at all. The aims of the paper is to compare the Pápai Páriz Ferenc recommandation of medicinal herbs at that time and today. The mentioned medicinal plants were classified in five gropus depending on using or not and are justifiable or causeless.


Keywords: Pápai Páriz Ferenc, Pax corporis, medicinal plants

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