A record of PhD theses in Chemistry compiled at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Târgu Mureş (2000-2013) II. Physical Chemistry

Written by Tőkés Béla, Gyéresi Árpád

The authors summarize the theses with physical chemistry character, elaborated within the Doctoral School at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Târgu Mureș. The traditional scientific research domain of the department are presented serving as basis for actual doctoral studies. From this point of view were highlighted especially the electrochemical topics with numerous elements of novelty. From 2000 to date there were defended and atestated 10 dissertations, and are in the stage of completion another two. Even the underway abandoned three topics were exploited în the department’s work. The studies embraced a great number of domains initiated from international relations, with the Centre of Drug Discovery from Florida, as well as with research groups from universities members of CEEPUS network. The most important topics selected as research domains having obviously actuality, were such as the combinatorial electrochemistry, particularities of free radicals (nitrones, nitrogen oxide, as sources and traps of free radicals), aspects related to the soft or hard character of some compounds utilized in the environmental protection (EDTA analogues, pietroides), equilibria of inclusion complexes (especially of cyclodextrines), molecular modeling and the simulation of interactions, all these providing invaluable information for characterization of the systems and their transformations. The results of the doctoral students’ research were published in more than 50 scientific papers and presented in above than 70 communications, at diverse congresses and conferences, in the country and abroad.


Keywords: doctorate, electrochemistry, separation methods, free radicals, molecular modeling.

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