Pharmaceutical forms in the Hungarian Pharmacopoeias

Written by Kata Mihály, Sipos Emese, Gyéresi Árpád

First edition of the Hungarian Pharmacopoeia was published in 1871 [1] and now, its 8th edition is valid [8]. During these 140 years, the development is gigantic. In about 1871, the preparation of medicines was magisterial and the galenics were traditional. However, today practically there is no magisterial preparation and medicines are produced by industry. The 6th edition of European Pharmacopoeia is valid from 2008. It contains 27 groups of dosage forms in all, which means more than 110 concrete human and veterinary dosage forms. Our Pharmacopoeia is valid for the production and distribution of medicines, and the activities of public pharmacies. Our plan is to publish its Hungarian volume containing special national pharmaceutical products as galenical and vegetable drugs, our traditions marked with, describing the dosage, control of dosage, magisterial preparation, etc.


Keywords: Hungarian Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia, pharmaceutical forms

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