Improvement of dietary conditions for food allergy patients by the development of diet planning software

Written by Mák Erzsébet, Gaál Balázs, Németh Istvánné, Tóth Tímea, Dér Anikó, Karamánné Pakai Annamária, Szabolcs István

The European population is affected by food allergy up to 2-4%. The patients think that their menus are not varied enough. Their knowledge of the basic food components is low; they do not have time to read food descriptions. Our research team focused on the development of a counseling software with artificial intelligence to fulfill the needs of the market. At the same time a market analysis was made based on questionnaires. 76 male and 41 female patients returned the questionnaires in valid form. Significant differences of patient requirements can be observed regarding the willingness of payment, food allergy types, and the male/female groups.


Keywords: food allergy, counseling software, artificial intelligence

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