Study about the additive effects of Olmesartan and antioxidant vitamins (E and C) in the treatment of hypertension

Written by Máthé Lehel, Serester Annamária, Máthé János

Cardiovascular pathology is a major cause of morbidity and mortality. Reducing the incidence and severity of major risk factors may lower the chance of further cardiovascular events. The aim of our study was to follow up the interaction between the antihypertensive drug Olmesartan and antioxidant vitamins. We studied 42 patients with Ist stage hypertension. The biochemical parameters (serum E - C vitamin levels, malondialdehyde level, CRP, microalbuminuria, HDL) were determined. Patients were randomly divided in three groups and treated with Olmesartan 20 mg/day, vitamin E (200 UI/day) + vitamin C (100 mg/day), or a combined therapy with Olmesartan + vitamins E and C, respectively. The combined therapy with Olmesartan and antioxidant vitamins proved to be significantly more efficient both in reducing blood pressure levels and lowering the serum levels of measurable risk factors.

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