European and Hungarian Hospital Pharmacy Service

Written by Pintye János

The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) is a working community of national associations of hospital pharmacists. In 1972, the representatives of six European countries signed the first Statutes of the EAHP. The Association now has 26 member countries. The Hungarian Society of Hospital Pharmacists became a member in 1991. The goal of the EAHP is to develop the field of hospital pharmacy in the European Union Member States. The General Assembly is an important forum where the delegates of the member countries can exchange information. The Annual Scientific Congress is open to all hospital pharmacists. The Survey provides an important benchmark which can be utilized in the future for an objective assessment of the progress being made in each country. The activities of the Hungarian Society of Hospital Pharmacists are based on the relevant health care laws. It is possible to purchase drugs from pharmaceutical works and also wholesale. In most cases, drugs are produced as ordered for the individual patient. We have two drug distribution systems: stock-oriented and patient-oriented. The drug usage of the different hospital wards is monitored electronically. The overall drug information is based on national and foreign electronic databases.

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