Study of diet and lifestyle in diabetic patients

Written by Szőcs-Molnár Terézia, Nemes-Nagy Enikő, Ferenczi Attila o.h., Dunca Iulia, Balogh-Sămărghiţan Victor, Pap Zoltán, Máthé János, Hobai Ştefan

Using a complex questionnaire and the case-history sheets of the patients, we evaluated the diet, lifestyle and some environmental factors in type 1 diabetic children (92 patients) and type 2 diabetic adults (28 patients). In the adult’s group sedentarism (81%) and obesity (in 65% of the patients) represent serious problems. In the children’s group the frequency of teenager (14-18 years old) smokers and alcohol drinkers diminished in the last 4 years. Comparing the results in the children’s group obtianed in 2002 and 2006, we noticed a significant improvement in glycated haemoglobin levels, less magnezium defficiency, increased percentage of patients taking dietary supplements, but passive smoking, stress and bad social conditions represent serious problems to face in the future, with negative influence on the metabolic balance in diabetic patients.

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