The fate of Jewish pharmacists during the Holocaust

Written by Budaházy István

The author has studied the fate of Jewish pharmacists from Oradea during the Second World War. After summarily reviewing the anti-Semite actions starting from the end of the XIXth Century which after half of century culminated in the extermination of the non-arian persons, the author descends to the study of the victims of the pharmacists deportations from the city on the banks of Crișul Repede river. The work is dealing with the fate of 22 Jewish origin pharmacists, from which only three had the chance to return to the city. This study is dedicated to all victims of the Holocaust at the 70th anniversary of the end of these tragedies and wants to be a memento so these deeds will never happen again, although the xenophobe, anti-Semite and even neo-nazi conceptions are once more gaining ground in the world.


Keywords: holocaust, pharmacists, Oradea.

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