The situation of genetically modified products from the point of view of consumers

Written by Lukácsi Csaba, Ábrám Zoltán

The aim of our work is to present the current situation of genetically modified products in Europe, Hungary, Romania and other parts of the world. Although the vast majority of consumers have heard of genetically modified foods or products, very few people know something concrete about them. The role of the media should be emphasized more and more, and should mention the lack of adequate information obtained on the basis of scientific research and evidence. Our intention applying an anonymous questionnaire was to assess respondents` knowledge and formed opinions about genetically modified food and genetic engineering techniques. Based on our studies, we can see that the primary and most crucial source for information about food storage and preparation and food safety knowledge is still given by family environment. An important and approximately similar role has the personal ambience, among of friends and acquaintances. One of the most debated questions in this topic is distinctive labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients. The point of views of consumers and professionals is often different, sometimes even their own opinions are contradictory. In conclusion, we can say that most consumers reject genetically modifying of plants and food raw materials. At the same time, even the opinions of experts about genetic technology, are mostly negative reviews. Social discourses on this subject are weak and information processing beyond the horizons of ordinary consumers. Our results draw attention to the role of educational responsibilities.


Keywords: genetically modified, food, consumer, labeling.

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