Uncommon extradural lesion causing spinal canal compression – juxtafacet cyst

Written by Orosz Péter, Szőcs Ildikó, Várallyay György, Zsigmond Ildikó, Rudas Gábor, Bereczki Dániel, Vastagh Ildikó

Juxtafacet cysts are uncommon degenerative lesions of the joints. Intraspinal cyst development seems to be associated with spinal instability and can present nerve root, myelon and cauda equina compressive syndromes. L4-5 level of the spine is the most commonly affected region, cervical cysts are extremely rare. Several cases of hemorrhage into juxtafacet cysts causing acute symptoms have been reported in the literature, but chronic progressive outcome can be present as well. MRI is the first choice diagnostic imaging technique due to its high sensitivity. Surgical resection of the cyst is indicated in case of significant neurologic deficits and pain. The possibility of juxtafacet cysts has to be considered in the differential diagnosis of epidural compressive syndromes. Herewith we report two cases of chronic progressive synovial cysts, one of the cervical and another of the lumbar region, resulting in myelon compressive symptoms.


Keywords: synovial juxtafacet cyst, epidural compressive syndrome, MR imaging.

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