Study of interactions among clopidogrel and tablet by DSC and IR methods

Written by Rédai Emőke Margit, Fülöp Ibolya, Sipos Emese

Clopidogrel decreseases platlet aggregation. It is used as salt in the composition of tablets, mostly as bisulfate salt. In tablets is associated with various excipients, its liberation depending on the type of these substances. In this study we proposed to evaluate possible interactions among clpidogrel and five excipients (Vivapur 102, Benecel 1500, Methocel E5LV, Pearlitol 60 and magnesium stearat) by thermoanalysis and infrared spectroscopy. Results show interactions between clopidogrel and magnesium stearat and clopidogrel and manitol – Pearlitol 60.


Keywords: clopidogrel, DSC, IR, interaction

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