Physicians’ and Chemists’ Graves form the Second Half of the 20th Century in Cluj/Kolozsvár Central Cemetery

Written by Gaal György

This study presents the graves of those physicians and pharmacists from the „Házsongárd” Cemetery from Cluj/ Kolozsvár who died between 1947 and 2007. Some of them were university professors: 4 of the „Franz Joseph” University from this town, 7 of the Târgu Mureş/Marosvásárhely Medical and Pharmaceutical Institute (2 of them even rectors), 3 of the Cluj/Kolozsvár Medical and Pharmaceutical Institute (and 1 scientific researcher). Two Romanian professors (I. Haţieganu, V. L. Bologa) of this Institute are also mentioned because both of them were speaking and publishing in Hungarian too. Other 4 physicians were well known writers, 1 of them graphic artist. All the others were doctors in hospitals and polyclinics, or chemists in pharmacies.


Keywords: history of medicine, physician, pharmacist, university, cemetery, grave.

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