The importance of biomechanics in the treatment of ankle laesions - literature review and case report

Written by Benedek Csaba, Király Ildikó, Sólyom Árpád, Bataga Tiberiu

Sprains are caused when the ligaments that hold the ankle joint together, are stretched beyond their own capacity. There are many studies published internationally that focus on identifying, diagnosing and treating these lesions. All of these studies focus on adequate treatment of primary lesions by restoring the normal biomechanics in order to prevent subsequent complications like chronic instabilities, posttraumatic osteoarthritis or severe functional impotence. The aim of our study is to underline the importance of normal biomechanics in managing ankle sprains by supporting the information found in international studies with our own clinical cases. By studying data found in these studies and demonstrating them with our clinical cases, we arrived at the conclusion that for an adequate treatment one must first identify the primary soft tissue lesions and then choose a correct surgical method to reestablish the normal biomechanical axis, rather than treating the later complications.


Keywords: biomechanics, ankle sprain, ligament lesion, ligament reconstruction, early treatment

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