Experiences with antiviral therapy of chronic hepatitis B

Written by Pocsay Réka, Lakatos Piroska, Martyin Tibor, Bányai Tivadar

According to international practice the therapy of chronic hepatitis B is developing in Hungary as well. The authors compared the efficacy and side effects of different medications used in their Hepatology Center in the 14-year-period from January, 1996 until March, 2010. They treated 34 patients (21 males, 13 females), the average age was 42,5 years (12-62). In 18 cases standard interferon-alfa; in 20 cases peginterferon-alfa¸ in 24 cases lamivudine; and in an additional 3,2 and 3 cases adefovir, entecavir and emtricitabine + tenofovir were used, respectively. Their results are concordant with other studies in Hungary: interferon-alfa resulted in sustained virological response in 33%, peginterferon in 35%, and lamivudin in 42%. In reference to other nucleoside analogues the authors do not have enough experience yet. Side effects were frequent but usually not severe, the authors had to interrupt the therapy in only 3 cases.


Keywords: chronic hepatitis B, interferon, nucleoside analogues, side effects.

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