The evidence of the intraductal breast cancer in patients with breast cancer that appear on a ground of fibrocystic mastopatie

Written by Habor Vasile, Pantiru Adrian, Bara Tivadar, Bara Tivadar Jr., Habor Adriana

Fibrocystic breast disease has developed a major issue: the breast cancer sequence. Its involvement regarding the increase of breast cancer risk has 2 aspects: it may be either the marker of a prone tissue or a premalignant histological defect. Difficult differential diagnosis of benign proliferative breast lesion and carcinoma led to the idea of connection between the two: cancer does not initiate on normal mammary epithelia; it takes several proliferative stages for it to occur. In our series we analyzed a number of 1373 breast surgical procedures where the pathologic examination revealed 232 cases (16,8%) of coexistence between cancer and fibrocystic breast disease. This aspect has proved to be related to earlier debut of breast cancer, suggesting that epithelial hyperplasia is a risk factor for breast cancer.


Keywords: fibrocystic breast disease, breast cancer, epithelial hyperplasia

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