Biochemical and cellular regulation of alveolar bone metabolism

Written by Markovics Emese Rita, Markovics Péter, Nagy Előd

The bacterial biofilms established on teeth and dental prostheses initiate and promote the development of periodontal disease. This process can lead to alveolar bone destruction. It has been reported, that the most common reason for the complications and failure in both abutment teeth and fixed dental prostheses is periodontal disease. Several epidemiological and clinical studies have demonstrated the associations between untreated periodontitis and various systemic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, pulmonary disease. Bone remodeling biomarkers can be useful diagnostic or prognostic markers of periodontal tissue destruction and may contribute to the early diagnosis and treatment of these systemic diseases. Most research reports of biomarkers in periodontitis used gingival crevicular fluid as a sample fluid. The use of whole saliva to measure biomarkers offers several advantages over gingival crevicular fluid. It is easier, faster, noninvasive and it may provide an overall assessment of disease activity and severity.


Keywords: bone metabolism, periodontal disease, biomarkers

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