The treatment of postoperative pain in cardiac surgery

Written by Kovács Judit, Sebestyén Adorján oh., Szederjesi János, Azamfirei Leonard, Copotoiu Sanda-Maria, Copotoiu Ruxandra

Postoperative pain, caused by direct tissue injury can cause significant physiological changes in the body, so it is important the early and effective treatment of it. We evaluated the characteristics of postoperative pain and effectiveness of analgesia routinely applied in patients undergoing cardiac surgery in IUBCvT Tg-Mures, between 1.02-1.03.2010, using a questionnaire. We evaluated the answers of 46 patients. Only 12 were satisfied with their pain therapy, 6 patients found that medication was ineffective, others evaluated pain intensity after administering analgetics with 2-6 points on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 represented no pain, 10 unbearable pain. Although no patient expressed dissatisfaction with postoperative pain therapy, after evaluating the questionnaires we found that non-steroidal analgesics are not effective in most cases, so it is necessary to change the routinely administred medication.


Keywords: postoperative pain, non-steroidal analgesics, opiates, preemptive analgesia

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