Dr. Aszalós János (1901-1939), the doctor of the poor

Written by Ábrám Zoltán

Dr. Aszalós János was born in Alsójára (Maros-Torda county). He studied in Nagyenyed (Aiud) and Kolozsvár (Cluj), and he completed his medical studies in Szeged. His professional carrier was short, but rich: different academical and ministerial functions, scientific activity, achievements in the domain of health education, establishment and support of different social and medical institutions. He was called the doctor of the poor because of his curative and public health activities based on strong philontrophy. His children founded the Dr. Aszalós János Comemorative Foundation in 1998,, which has given prizes to over fifty people with important social, medical and cultural contributions.


Keywords: Dr. Aszalós János and family, foundation in his memory

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