Multidisciplinary approach of the extremity complex trauma - review of 3 cases

Written by Balázsi Levente, Szilveszter Mónika, Erdélyi István

Trauma has become a public health problem in many parts of the world, and vascular trauma is an important component of this problem. The great majority of these injuries are due to penetrating trauma, with stab or crush, road traffic, farm and industrial accidents being the most common cause. Many patients need urgent intervention, in this situation a multidisciplinary approach is needed for the management of the extremity with combined neurovascular and musculoskeletal trauma. The authors present their retrospective review of 3 cases treated in the surgical department of “Dr. Fogolyán Kristof” Sfântu Gheorghe Emergency County Hospital.


Keywords: vascular trauma, multidisciplinary approach, politrauma

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