The surgical treatment of a patient with humerus pseudarthrosis whit multiple operations

Written by Török Barna, Bătaga Tiberiu, Márton Dénes, Solyom Árpád, Deák Imre Barna

The authors, based on a specific clinical case of pseudoarthrosis draw attention to the importance of early diagnosis and proper treatment which are indispensible for a complete recovery. The pseudoarthrosis is diagnosed at the Clinic of Orthopaedics and Traumatology I. Târgu Mureş and solved in open reduction, internal fixation with plate and screws. After six months the damaged implant was removed, the treatment of the pseudoarthrosis was carried out by ostesynthesis with intramedullary nail and plate with screws. In this case adding the plate with screws to the intramedullary nail in reoperation assures stability and at the same time prevents the other complications of the fractured upper arm.


Keywords: humerus, pseudoarthrosis, ostesynthesis, intramedullary nail

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