Varicella-zoster infections in HIV positive patients

Written by Incze Andrea, Chiriac Carmen, Zaharia-Kézdi Iringó, Ţilea Brînduşa, Georgescu Anca, Gîrbovan Cristina, Fodor Andrea, Şincu Nina, Berbecel Mădălina oh., Szilágyi Fruzsina, Fehérvári Lajos

Material and method: A retrospective chart review was performed using the data of the HIV positive patients admitted with varicella or herpes zoster into the 1st Clinic of Infectious Diseases of Tg. Mures during 2000-2008. Results: Severe forms of the disease, complications such as cheratouveitis, cheratoconjunctivits, superinfections, pneumonia, hepatitis were registered in the HIV positive patients with varicella or herpes zoster. Herpes zoster appeared more frequently in patients with more advanced HIV disease. Most of the cases had a favorable outcome, except one death and blindness following the VZV infection. Conclusions: VZV infection can be severe, with important complications in the HIV positive patients, with evolution towards death or permanent sequelae. Due to the severity of the disease the vaccination of the HIV infected patients is recommended if their immunological status is appropriate.

Keywords: varicella, herpes zoster, HIV

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