The outcome of thoraco-lumbar spine injury treatment with posterior transpedicular instrumentation. The results of 33 cases

Written by Opris Remus, Voicu Bogdan, Stefana Marian,Solyom Árpád,Gergely István, Nagy Őrs

Objective: To prove the efficiency of transpedicular screw systems in spinal injuries. Material and Methods: We studied 33 cases, of thoraco-lumbar unstable injuries between 2004-2008 in which we performed posterior decompression, reduction and stabilization with transpedicular screws and rods. Results: All pacients showed clinical improvement with a low rate of major complications. Conclusions: Although it is not the gold standard yet, the use of transpedicular screws and rods represents a serious option in the treatment of thoraco-lumbar fractures.


Keywords: thoraco-lumbar spine injuries, transpedicular screw systems

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