Study of hypodontia in young adults for molecular biology investigations

Written by Kerekes-Máthé Bernadette, Székely Melinda, Jobbágy-Óvári Gabriella, Varga Gábor

Hypodontia is a frequently encountered hereditary anomaly. In Romania we have little data available on frequency. Many studies show the importance of genetic factors in the emergence of hypodontia. The aim of the study is the collection of biological samples from patients with hypodontia in Târgu-Mureş for genetic analysis. In the first stage we conducted a survey of 260 young adults and found a 5% frequency of hypodontia (13 people: 8 women and 5 men). The second step was the collection of oral mucosal scrapings from patients with cytology brushes. From these samples we isolated DNA and genetic analysis will be conducted in collaboration with the Department of Oral Biology of Semmelweis University in Budapest. Knowledge of the gene polymorphisms that contributes to the emergence of hypodontia can lead us to the development of new diagnostic strategies.


Keywords: hypodontia, dental anomalies, genetic analysis

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