Laparoscopic treatment of hiatal hernia in Tg. Mureş II Surgery Clinic patients

Written by Török Árpád, Butiurca Sándor, Neagoe Radu, Bancu Şerban, Dénes Márton, Orosz Mikolt oh., Kántor Tibor oh.

In recent years the surgical treatment most often used for the hiatal hernia treatment is the reconstruction of the esofagian hiatus and antireflux surgery based on classic surgery but performed by laparoscopic. Material and method: Between 2002 and 2008 67 patients were operated with hiatal hernia at Surgery Clinic II from Târgu Mureş. Open surgery was performed in 54 cases and in 13 cases laparoscopic surgery was performed. We performed esofagian hiatus reconstruction and Nissen fundoplication in 10 cases, Door fundoplication in 2 cases and Toupet fundoplication in one case. The initial results were favorable with no symptoms in 9 cases, with improvement of symptoms in 3 cases and recurrance of hiatal hernia in one case. Conclusions. By laparoscopic reconstruction of the esofagian hiatus and fundoplication we obtained good functional results, the surgical request of the patients, the postoperative pain and the length of hospitalization decreased.


Keywords: hiatal hernia, Nissen fundoplication, laparoscopy

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