Ankle-brachial index: old method - new perspectives

Written by Máthé Lehel, Bán Erika-Gyöngyi, Serester Annamária

Introduction: Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality. This is the reason why in present there is a continuous struggle for implementing more efficient methods in treatment and prevention. Material and methods: In this study we have included hypertensive patients. In all the cases we measured the ankle-brachial index and requested a complete laboratory examination, for establishing the level of cardiovascular risk. Results: We observed that the ankle-brachial index is a sensitive marker for cardiovascular diseases, which shows a positive correlation with the seric levels of creatinine and with age. Conclusions: Measurement of the ankle-brachial index is an easy, non-invasive method, which can be useful for global cardiovascular risk evaluation.


Keywords: hypertension, ankle-brachial index

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