Study of mycotoxicogenic moulds and analytical determination of their mycotoxins from spices and forages

Written by György Éva, Harai Éva, András Csaba Dezső, Tolokán Antal, Hantz András

Mycotoxins produced by many micromycetes are generally cytotoxic, affecting the cellular structures or functions. Among the effects most frequently affecting human health the following can be mentioned: carcinogenity, teratogenicity, decreasing of the reproductive potential, immunosuppression and neurotoxicity. Micromycetes, by their mycotoxin production, contaminate plants from the cultivation stage, or during the storage period. Mycotoxins infest the human body directly, by consumption of foods of plant origin, or indirectly, through products of animal origin (eg. meat, milk, eggs). The aim of this research was the identification of different micromycetes from forages and spices, the determination of the proliferation and toxin production conditions, and the qualitative and quantitative determination of the mycotoxins from forages and paprika powder.


Keywords: mycotoxicogenic moulds, aflatoxins, HPLC, forages, spices.

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