Chapters from the history of diabetes

Written by Brassai Zoltán, Brassai Attila, Kelemen Piroska

The author reviews the development related to the concept of diabetes mellitus. From clinical point of view, this illness was first described on the Ebers papyrus, then in Ayur Veda and in the classic Chinese medicine, and then also in Europe (Hippocrates, Celsus). The expression "diabetes" is from Arateus, the "mellitus" from William Cochen. Langerhans, Minkowski and Mehring had important contributions to the ethiopathology and Paulescu to the treatment of the disease. The insulin was discovered by Banting, Best and Collip. Following the medical progress, a lot of new insulin and non-insulin preparations were developed, and now we have artificial pancreas and beta cells transplant.


Keywords: diabetes mellitus, medical hystory of diabetes, diabetics complication

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