Beta blocker treatment in heart failure – practical aspects, our experience

Written by Frigy Attila, Kocsis Ildikó, Caraşca Emilian

Usage of beta blockers (BB) in the treatment of heart failure is based on solid clinical evidences. However, in the daily practice several issues related to this treatment appear – selection of the right drug, dosage, relationship with other treatments, with comorbid conditions, etc. Our study – on the basis of clinical evidences – presents practice guidelines concerning the main aspects of BB treatment, with special accent on the selection of the optimal drug. In the same time, the experience/customs of our clinic in this area is presented using restrospective data obtained in 115 patients (99 men, mean age 66 years, stage NYHA II-IV) admitted with systolic heart failure.


Keywords: heart failure, beta blocker treatment

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