Role of ultrasound in early diagnosis of urinary tract disorders

Written by Moréh Zsuzsánna, Kiss Éva, Papp Zoltán, Simon Márta, Bartos Hilda oh.

The early recognition of the urinary tract anomalies is a reachable requirement, thanks to the spreading of the ultrasound examination. We talk about an early diagnosis in our days, if this is done alreadyin theintrauterine period. The ultrasound examination is a simple, painless and safe method, with no side effects,no contraindications and it can be repeated any time. The ultrasound can provide high-quality image of the kidneys, ureters and the bladder, even in case of a bad renal function. Unfortunately in our country the urinary tract anomalies are recognised late, generally when complications have already appeared. Analysing the cases of the nephrology department from No 2 Paediatric Clinic of Marosvásárhely, we would like to emphasize that, for the moment, the majority of the cases are diagnosed late. Therefore, we want to underline the importance of the pre- and post- natal ultrasound screening of urinary tract disorders. 


Keywords: ultrasound, congenital malformations, urinary tract

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