Study of the soil quality used for Fagopyrum esculentum Moench biocultivation

Written by Incze Anna- Katalin, Csedő Károly, Berde Zsófia

The biocultivation of medicinal plants like Fagopyrum esculentum is influenced by the quality of the soil as well. This study presents, that the soil types chosen for buckwheat cultivation are not polluted with heavy metals (the CD concentration 0,08-0,14 mg/kg is under the maximal 1 mg/kg limits, and the Pb concentration of 4,5-8,5 mg/kg is also under the maximal value) or pesticides (HCH concentration: 0,002-0,005 mg/kg/2002, 0,017-0,019mg/kg/2003; DDT concentracion: 0,018-0,077mg/kg/2002,2003). The microbiological composition of these soil types is also among normal values.


Keywords: heavy metals: Pb, Cd, pesticides, microbiological composition, buckwheat

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