Oxidative stress in cardiovascular diseases

Written by Bán Erika-Gyöngyi, Brassai Attila, Máthé Lehel

Introduction: Oxidative stress is an important risk factor in many cardiovascular diseases. The comparison of plasma oxidative status in patients with a cardiologic illness and healthy adults may be useful in determining the predictive value of these markers. Materials and methods: During this study we examined 217 adults: 47 of them were healthy and 170 were suffering from a cardiovascular disease. We determined the oxidative status of these patients and correlated it to cardiovascular risk. Results: We observed a significant relationship between oxidative stress and cardiovascular diseases. At the same time we observed a clinically important difference between male and female patients. Discussion: Although this study was performed on a reduced number of patients we can presume that monitoring oxidative stress can be useful in the follow-up of cardiovascular diseases.


Keywords: oxidative stress, atherosclerosis, pharmacotherapy

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