Choroidal malignant melanoma in the mirror of imagistic examinations

Written by Albert András, Albert Kinga

Introduction: Nowadays the choroidal malignant melanoma is the most frequent primary intraocular tumor in the Caucasians. With all the diagnostic possibilities this kind of tumor leads in the enucleation statistics. Material and method: This neoplasm has a well documented capacity to metastasize, this is why early diagnosis and treatment is necessary. Based on the casuistic of the Ophthalmology Department from Târgu Mureş we present the imagistic methods used in diagnosis and follow-up. In the cases with conservative treatment, no histopathology is made and the clinician has to rely on the clinical and paraclinical examinations. Nevertheless these imagistic investigations are useful in the diagnostic of eventual metastases. Results: There were 11 cases with choroidal malignant melanoma diagnosed at the Ophthalmology Department from Târgu Mureş, from which one was treated conservatively. Conclusions: The choroidal malignant melanoma can be diagnosed in early stage, documented and followed with help of imagistic methods.


Keywords: choroid, melanoma, imaging

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