First experiences with optical coherence tomography

Written by Kaucsár Emese, Demea Sorina, Demea Horea, Kaucsár Tamás oh.

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a new, non-invasive high-technology, diagnostic imaging technique, providing histologic-like, high resolution transverse-section images of features of the posterior part of the eye. Aim: to direct our colleagues’ attention to the possibility of a new approach of chorioretinal pathology using our first scan results, obtained and analysed with Stratus OCT 3000. Patients and methods: in the period of 1.11.2006-1.04.2007 we evaluated 462 patients for different retinal pathologies. Results: the obtained data correspond with those of the recent publications and they offered supplementary diagnostic elements. Conclusion: this diagnostic tool is very useful in the diagnosis and follow-up of pathologies of the fundus with uncertain nature and gives a new diagnostic approach for assessing intraretinal and subretinal lesions of the posterior pole of the eye.

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