Comparison between autopsy and clinical diagnosis in cases of pulmonary embolism and bronchopneumonia

Written by Simon Enikő oh., Lázár Juliánna oh., Jung János

One of the pathologist’s tasks is to compare the autopsy and clinical diagnosis and to analyse the possible differences. In our study we compared the autopsies performed in 2006 at the Department of Pathology of Târgu-Mureş found in 350 death protocols. From the 350 autopsies we find 38 cases of pulmonary embolism. 20 cases (52,6%) had been diagnosed by the clinicians, and at 18 cases (47,7%) no clinical diagnosis had been made. Bronchopneumonia occured in 113 cases, from here 31 cases (27,4%) had been diagnosed clinically, and in 82 cases (72,6%) the diagnosis had been revealed just by the autopsy. The comparison of the autopsy with clinical diagnosis is a useful way for clinicians to monitor themself.

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