The examination of urinary incontinence after radical retropubic prostatectomy

Written by Majoros Attila, Keszthelyi Attila, Hamvas Antal, Romics Imre

In this study our aim was to determine the possible causes of incontinence after RRP and the independent risk factors for incontinence. The functional, anatomic and perioperative factors leading to postoperative incontinence have been examined through the help of prospective and retrospective examinations. Our results proved that RRP has significant effect on the function of urethral sphincter. However, it has no significant impact on the bladder. The incontinence after surgery appears in stress incontinence mainly, which could be explained by the weakness of urethral sphincter. The examinations proved that the total length of the posterior uretha after the surgery could be regarded as a predisposing independent risk factor for incontinence or reaching continence later. Older age does not decrease the possibility of reaching continence, but delays it.

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