Bone tumors in the age of childhood

Written by László Ilona

Tumors represent a large group of diseases, and their increased number and gravity made them take an important place in childhood pathology. The common characteristic of bone tumors is the fact that they destroy ant rebuild the structures of the bone. Their classification in benign, malignant, and tumor like lesions, is based on their histopathological aspect. The majority of malignant tumors that appear in childhood, present increased aggressivity, so the salvation of a child’s life or limb, depends on early diagnosis. Because of this reason it is very important, that the general practitioner should guide tumor suspect patients to specialized centers form the very beginning, to specify the diagnosis. In my presentation, I have included the most frequent tumors from our clinics pathology. I present a study based on my own cases, with the purpose of underlining the significance of these severe diseases. 

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