Utilization possibilities of the 3-D(three-dimensional) graphic in neurology

Written by Rácz Alpár oh., Domokos Lajos oh., Bognár Loránd, Baróti Beáta, Szilágyi Tibor, Szatmári Szabolcs

At the end of the 20th century, together with the fast development of technology, the possibility of using digital graphics as well as geometrical modeling appeared in the medical field. A virtual world can be made by means of digital modeling . The dynamic processes can be reconstituted by computer graphic modeling and afterwards they can be also animated. The modeling of the central nervous system started with the elementary basis of the functionality of the neurons: the mechanism of resting membrane potential and action potential generation. The anatomical structures have been modeled, and consequently the physiological and pathophysiological processes have been animated: the pathophysiology of the loss in visual area and pupillary reflex. We hope that we succeeded to achieve some animations that can be used for didactic purposes; this would be possible because they are simple, easy to understand but at the same time strictly based on scientific literature. In this way, with the help of multimedia, the didactic methods from the medical field can be enlarged.

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