Treatise of Pediatrics, Psychology and Pedagogy in Borsos Márton’s book published in 1838

Written by Szilágyi Marietta

In his work „A csecsemő és első gyermekkor házi nevelés tekintetében”, („Babyhood and Early Childhood in Respect of Home Nurture”) published in 1838, Borsos Márton, a Transsylvanian physician, proposed education of parents but also other people involved, with the purpose to provide appropriate care for babies and young children for an optimal physical and psychical development. In this book medical, psychological and psycho pedagogical approaches are ingeniously interwoven. Borsos Márton was a physician with wide horizon, from his work shows through the knowledge of the works of great pedagogues and philosophers from antiquity to recent times (e.g. Seneca, John Locke, writers of the French enlightenment). Borsos Márton’s merit is the founding of the first kindergarten in Transsylvania in 1842 at Zalau. His work has a historic value in all three main fields of human sciences: medicine, psychology and pedagogy.

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