Cutaneous melanoma: prognostic factors

Written by Dósa Réka, Horváth Emőke, Pávai Zoltán, Stan Octavian

Cutaneous melanoma can develop on preexisting melanocytic nevi, although more than 50-60% of cases appear de novo. Dermatoscopy is an in vivo diagnostic tool which has proven its utility in the establishment of an early and accurate diagnosis. We have studied 37 cutaneous tumors with suggestive dermatoscopy findings, out of these 30 turned out to be malignomas. These cases have been studied according to the recommendations of the 2002 AJCC Melanoma Staging Committee and staged according to the pTNM 2004. We analysed the correlations between classical and new prognostic factors using immunohistochemistry in labeling of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) with prognostic value in melanomas with superficial extension. The results obtained represent a part of a study which follows the population 5 years- survival rate.

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