The histopatological diagnosis of cervical biopsy: retrospectiv statistic study

Written by Chira Liliana, Mosó Tekla, Turcu Mihai, Jung János

In the diagnostic algorithm of cervical lesions, the histopatological examination of the cervical biopsy is the only method that is able to deliver definite diagnosis, other methods, such as clinical examination, colposcopy, cytopathology, are only indicative of certain lesions. In our paper we analyzed endocervical biopsies submitted to the Pathology Department of the Emergency County Clinic of Mures in an 8 year period (between 2001 and 2008). We analyzed the diagnoses given in these cases, and their changes in number over time. After performing the data analysis we concluded the following: the number of cervical biopsies increased (we observed a threefold increase in 2008 compared to 2001). The percentage of cases with dysplasia, however, did not increase, in spite of the fact that the numbers of cervix carcinoma decreased significantly. Moreover, the number of inflammatory changes increased as well. Lately there have been some very intense campaigns aimed at the population at risk for cervical cancer to improve cancer awareness and the benefits that come with early diagnosis. Our laboratory deals with a large number of gynaecological cases. These are the main reasons why we decided to elaborate this study.


Keywords: cervical dysplasia, cervical cancer, anti HPV immunisation, cytotumoral diagnosis

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