Our experience in managing bone tumors

Written by Nagy Örs, Gergely István, Pop T. Sorin, Russu Octav, Zuh Sándor, Sólyom Árpád

In the past 25 years spectacular changes have taken place in the management of bone tumors. We have witnessed the introduction of new and effective techniques, and thanks to the modern oncologic treatment the 5-year survival rate of bone tumors has increased to a value of 70-80%. This study presents the changes in management strategy for bone tumors in our clinic, based on the results of the 376 cases treated between 1985 and 2008. The purpose of our study was to resume these results and compare them to those published in the international literature. The results we obtained using modern management principles are similar to those of other authors, although we had a relatively low number of patients and the follow-up period was short. However, longer-term outcomes are needed for further conclusions. Compared to the early days of bone tumor treatment, the modern methods, surgical techniques and oncologic therapy have yielded a clearly visible positive change in both survival rates and quality of life.


Keywords: bone tumors, tumoral prosthesis, bone grafts

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