Clinical Aspects of Urinary Tracts Infections

Written by Ősz Tibor

Urinary tract infections are frequent and appear at every age. They are exceptionally significant at pregnant women, people suffering from diabetes, people with functional and anatomic disorders of the urinary tracts, and those with immune deficiency. In this paper I analyze the results of 1357 urine samples. 71 % of the samples were from women, 29 % from men. The complete clean urine samples, in which I could see neither leucocytes, nor bacteria or any other elements proved to be negative. 66 % of the samples (896 samples) were negative, 12 % (164 samples) were debatable, and 22 % (297 samples) were positive cultures. In 73 % of the samples I found E. coli, from which 31 % were resistant to 5 or more antibiotics. I emphasize the antibiotic resistance, with special attention to P. aeruginosa.


Keywords: urine culture, microscopic analysis of urine, antibiotic resistance