Documents from the 18th century related to inspection of Transylvanian pharmacies

Written by Péter H. Mária

In my paper I present 3 documents, found nt he Gubernium Transylvanicum document collection of the Hungarian National Archive, that relate to the controlling of the Transylvanian pharmacies and they date back to before the publication of Generale Normativum in Re Sanitatis in 1770. The authors of the documents are transylvanian physicians, Mihály Felfalusi and Zoltán József, who were charged, in 1752-1753 by the Royal Government, with controlling the pharmacies of Sibiu (Nagyszeben). They publish their remarks collected through controlling the pharmacies that relate to the degree of supply, status of equipment, performance of the pharmacist, way of purchasing medicines, make recommendations for the creation of a new transylvanian medicine price list.


Keywords: controlling of pharmacies, 18th century, Transylvania

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