Conservative treatment in advanced stage non-small-cell lung cancer. Case presentation and literary updates

Written by Gaal Viola, Todea Daniela, Petrescu Magda

The aim of study is to present our patient’s data with NSCLC (adenocarcinoma) who had an almost ten years survival. We have analysed the histological and molecular prognostic and predictive factors. The 59 years old male patient (height =175 cm, weight = 73 kg), performance status ECOG1 was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of right upper bronchus segment 3, T3N2M0 stage IIIA. First line treatment was Gemcitabine+Cisplatine, followed by histological complete remission and by radiotherapy. After 9 years and 8 months the patient presented recurrent disease. He was treated unsuccessfully with 3 cycles of Premetrexed. Conclusions: the combination of radiochemotherapy is successful in the treatment of advanced stage NSCLC. The hystological and molecular predictive and prognostic factors are useful in selecting the treatment.


Keywords: NSCLC, radiochemotherapy, histological predictive factors, molecular predictive factors

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